Meow Events

Cheshire Cat is coming

Join the community, NOW or NEVER!
In your life you can be a tech pussycat or a cheshire cat, core contibutor, system integrator, event sponsor… decision is now.

Discord live meetings

We have regular meetings in the Discord to discuss the project state:

  • dev meetings every monday at 18:30 to discuss the development of specific features
  • community meeting once a month to gather feedback and use cases
  • the legendary Meow Talks, during which keynote speakers show their contributions with hands-on practical examples

Start by listening and raise up your paw if you want to say something 🙂

In person Meow Tour

We organize regularly in person events. At the moment there is an italian tour with chapters in Rome, Milan, Naples (and more).

During the event there is an install and play session, followed by a speech and networking.

Wanna sponsor a physical event?

Contact us! See examples of past events here.