Become a Cheshire Cat AI Ambassador!

If you’ve successfully undertaken a project with the Cheshire Cat AI and feel enthusiastic about sharing it within the Cheshire Cat AI community, consider becoming an Ambassador! Embrace the opportunity to be part of our expanding community and contribute to promoting Cheshire Cat AI by joining our Ambassador program.

Cheshire Cat AI Ambassador Program Banner.

Cheshire Cat AI
Ambassador Program

This page and the Ambassador Program are constantly evolving, so stay tuned and give us your valuable feedback. Your input will help shape the program and make it even better.

Share Your Cheshire Cat AI Experience at Events

If you’re passionate about Cheshire Cat AI and want to share your experiences at events, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us on Discord. We encourage and support our Ambassadors in representing Cheshire Cat AI at various events.

Public Speaking Support

As an Ambassador, you’ll have access to resources and guidance to help you become an effective public speaker. Whether it’s honing your presentation skills or refining your knowledge of Cheshire Cat AI, we’re here to support your journey.

We’ve prepared a Cheshire Cat AI slide template to make your presentations more visually engaging and professional. You can download the template by clicking the download button below.

Slide Template

Media Kit

To show your appreciation for the Cat and that you are part of this community, you may find useful the media kit.