Code of ethics

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to shape and radically change the future of our society and bring wide and deep changes to our lives.

We believe such a technological, cultural and societal shift must be monitored and proactively guided by solid ethical values. AI should bring transversal positive changes, motivating people to strive for a better future.

We believe that AI must be open and accessible to all, not simply in a commercial sense but in the sense of true bottom-up ownership, control, creativity and safety.

To that end, we’re developing The Cheshire Cat AI with these core principles in mind:

    As an open source project, we will always strive to maintain transparency, whether it be with respect to our development process, code base, or business practices. We welcome contributions from anyone and encourage open communication. We believe that AI should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background, so we will make sure that Cheshire Cat remains free and open to use. We strive to let people create and publish their own AI keeping as much control as possible over the code that is running it. This is a direct response to current centralization and privatization of AI systems.
    Our long term vision is giving people an AI framework that can run totally on their machine without sending personal data to external providers. As current consumer hardware is rather limited, we include adapters for external services and will include local open source models as they become feasible to run.
    While Cheshire Cat is an open source project, we acknowledge that included libraries may have their own licenses and terms of use. We will respect these terms and ensure that we only use code that is freely sharable and transparent as we are.
    Our goal is to ensure that AI is not just reserved for those who already have access to high-quality educational resources or come from certain cultural backgrounds. By using Cheshire Cat as an educational tool, we want to democratize access to knowledge about AI and empower individuals from all walks of life to understand and use this powerful technology. This will not only help to level the playing field for individuals and communities, but it will also help to ensure that AI is developed and used in ways that benefit society as a whole. We believe that by fostering educational freedom in the realm of AI, we can create a more equitable and just world for all.
    We recognize that AI is a powerful tool, and as such, we will strive to be responsible in its application. In addition to closely monitoring AI advancements, we aim to support research and development ourselves, and update Cheshire Cat accordingly to reflect the latest findings in the field.

At the core of our ethical code is our commitment to openness, privacy and creativity. We acknowledge the importance of responsible use of AI, and we strive to continuously improve our project to reflect the latest trends in the field. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a framework for AI that is free and open to anyone who wants to learn and create, and be a force for good in the world.