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Why Cheshire Cat

We aim to make Cheshire Cat the most straightforward way for individuals, small businesses, and schools to learn how to build their applications and solve their problems successfully with large language models.

Cheshire Cat Promise

  • Cheshire Cat is Open Source software. You will always be free to use, study, modify, and distribute the core of the software as granted by the GPL-3.0 user license.
  • Cheshire Cat core is and will always be free of charge. There never be a commercial version of this software with premium features and commercial support. 
  • All the improvements, bug fixes, and security updates will always be available to everyone.
  • We invite everyone to build a business with Cheshire Cat. Anybody improving the project for commercial purposes is welcome to contribute to the community and share the results of their effort.
  • Cheshire Cat tools, plugins, and adapters might be free or commercial. We want to build an ecosystem of non-profit and commercial projects around the Cheshire Cat core.
  • We will help NGOs, volunteers, and non-profit organizations to use and spread Cheshire Cat. We will help and support those who try to make this world a better place.

Contribute to Cheshire Cat

Our community coordinates the efforts on Discord. If you agree with the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct, join us! You can improve Cheshire Cat in different ways:

  • Development. If you’re a developer, join the project.
    • If you know Python, you can help to improve the Cheshire Cat core by joining Discord Channel Development.  
    • If you’re working on plugin development, join the Discord Plugin channel.
    • If you find a bug, report it on GitHub and/or join the Discord bug-report channel.
  • Communication. Make Cheshire Cat easier by improving the documentation or writing tutorial:
    • If you want to improve the documentation, join the Discord Documentation Channel
    • If you write a Tutorial or an example of using Cheshire Cat, visit us on the Tutorial Channel.
  • Promotion. Make the world a better place by spreading Cheshire Cat! Join us the Discord Channel Promotion.
    • You can write a blog post or articles about it, make videos on TikTok, Youtube, etc., or solicit the press to talk about it on the news. 
    • If you feel comfortable making a demo, become a Cheshire Cat Ambassador, presenting at Meetup events, Schools, or Associations. Make people see how easy it is to build a personal agent with Cheshire Cat.