Getting started

To run the Cheshire Cat, you need to have docker (instructions) and docker-compose (instructions) installed on your system.

  • Create and API key on the language model provider website
  • Start the app with docker-compose up inside the repository
  • Open the app in your browser at localhost:1865/admin
  • Configure a LLM in the Settings tab and paste you API key
  • Start chatting

You can also interact via REST API and try out the endpoints on localhost:1865/docs

The first time you run the docker-compose up command it will take several minutes as docker images occupy some GBs.


Here is an example of a quick setup running the gpt3.5-turbo OpenAI model.

Create an API key with + Create new secret key in your OpenAI personal account, then:

Download the code:

git clone language: PHP (php)

Enter the folder

cd core

Run docker containers

docker compose up

When you’re done using the Cat, remember to CTRL+c in the terminal and docker-compose down.

GUI setup


The project is still a work in progress.
If you want to update it run the following, one command (line) at a time:

cd core
git pull
docker compose build --no-cache
docker rmi -f $(docker images -f "dangling=true" -q)
docker compose upCode language: JavaScript (javascript)